• electricity connections
  • water access (delivery and discharge) from and to pre-specified locations
  • compressed air source access
  • cloakroom facilities, staffing included
  • fire safety assessments for events (safety measures, graphical layouts)
  • fire safety on duty during events
  • fire safety measures for all materials used in organising / holding an event
  • security guard staff presence during events
  • medical assistance facilities (nursing staff and doctor on duty, ambulance availability)
  • comprehensive cleaning services
  • exhibition stand arrangement to a pre-approved design
  • storage facility
  • car parking services (parking vouchers, flat-rate solutions)
  • suspended exhibition hall components (banners, flags, other structures, lighting ramps)
  • hoist rental
  • exhibition hall dimming (skylight and door covering)
  • curtain hanging
  • table and chair rental and arrangement
  • partitioning walls and support structures (Octanorm system-compliant)


We cooperate with reliable companies specialising in fair and exhibition structures and solutions. Our partners offer comprehensive construction support for individual stands.

We can handpick a company to meet your needs in handling the overall fair/exhibition structure development task, i.e.:

  • operating the technical/logistics office on your behalf, with individual needs agreed separately with each exhibitor
  • drafting project blueprints for the event (architectural design; design of power, water, compressed air and suspended structures)
  • securing project blueprint approval for the venue on your behalf
  • delivering all stand structures, graphic design and furnishings included
  • provision of on-duty technician staff during any event
  • disassembly of structures

alternatively, we can recommend a company specialising in designing and delivering of individual bespoke fair and exhibition stands. Our partners design and deliver custom-built stands pursuant to our clients’ original ideas and suggestions, based on the latest developments in state-of-the-art exhibition solutions and innovative technology.

All of the companies recommended by us work with experienced designers in creating unforgettable imagery to support your ideas.


  • event zone partitioning walls
  • back-office facilities
  • multi-level spectator stands
  • stage platforms
  • tents and concourse passageways

In co-operation with leading Polish companies, we provide comprehensive conference and audio-video technology services to meet the needs of conventions, conferences, exhibitions and other events. We offer the following state-of-the-art conference equipment:

  • projectors
  • sound systems
  • stage lighting
  • video screens and auxiliary equipment
  • conference furniture: platforms, rostrums, tables, chairs
  • simultaneous interpreting services
  • professional voting systems
  • training and conference delegate management systems
  • live video broadcasting services
  • streaming services
  • filming services

EXPO XXI co-operates with numerous catering companies recommended to clients based on the type and size of the event planned, thus assuring expected service quality. Our partners guarantee catering services at a level matching client expectations.

We offer the following:

  • exhibition catering
  • fixed and mobile catering/restaurant stands throughout the fair/exhibition area;
  • full catering service at exhibitor stands,
  • fair/exhibition-dedicated services (presales through follow-up service);
  • fair-themed individual orders (regional and national cuisine, wild game, grilled food, etc.).
  • conference catering with diversified coffee and lunch break options,
  • dinners with full waiting staff services, diverse themed buffet meals,
  • VIP catering,
  • full catering service (gala events, shows, and presentations),
  • in-concert catering,
  • corporate and lunchbox catering,
  • banquets,
  • picnics, beer gardens and themed catering stands.

All of our partners ensure the highest quality food, service and catering equipment. Our partners can provide you with the following:

  • menu design based on client suggestions and a full range of beverages
  • serving equipment delivery and table service
  • kitchen facility preparation and furnishing
  • buffet meal and cocktail table delivery, tablecloths
  • included China glassware, cutlery and table napkins
  • professional waiting staff during the event
  • delivery of meals and catering furniture, professional staff service included


We are experts in the MICE industry and we understand event organizers very well. Our services are related to the exhibition, fair, event and conference market directly Our team provides support for EXPO XXI. We are responsible for connecting all equipment, devices and for their proper work during the event.

We also offer exhibitor support in all technical matters (e.g.: web access, swift IT purchase, faulty equipment replacement).

This service is designed to client specification and can be used during small and large events, such as conferences or fairs. The registration service is swift and efficient. EXPO XXI IT team has developed dedicated software streamlining the registration and name badge issuing process.

Brief registration service description:

  • visitor database cleaning
  • name badge template design
  • advertising clip-on, plastic covers and lanyard delivery
  • personalised name badge printing for exhibitors, organisers and visitors
  • registration system design to client specification
  • visitor registration at fair events
  • visitor ID with the use of barcode scanning (the service improves the accuracy of follow-up statistics)
  • post-event report

We provide comprehensive IT consulting and technical services, including:

  • technical issue resolution
  • telecom advice, IT market research
  • IT purchases
  • IT structure preparation – LANs, telephone services

Designing animated or static banners (swf, jpg, bmp formats supported)..

Making HTML newsletter templates. Direct e-mail marketing as per database content. Wysyłanie e-maili zgodnie z bazą danych.

Website design; update of previous / support for existing websites.

The CRM system supports customer contact. It's organising and optimising sales personnel tasks. The system is developed as per client needs. Our team will install the CRM system, provide software-related training and organise technical support.

Database search as per client specification. Service can include also databse cleaning and verification according to client needs.

EXPO XXI facilities are among the best-connected in the world. We have terminals for 6 fibre optical cables, with access to 4 independent mobile telephony operators. The venue is fitted with an extensive internal network enabling web signal feed at any location, and/or separate local network setup for the exclusive purposes of your individual event. Our Wi-Fi equipment has been carefully prepared and tested by our team of experts to enable simultaneous access for several thousand users. Our telecom infrastructure was used by UEFA’s Broadcasting Centre during the Euro 2012 European Football Championship.

Our telecom services include the following:

  • wired web access (speed as per client specification)
  • wireless web access (individual and group access, with security and connection speed management options, subgroup separation, broadcasting device connection relay, and other specialist solutions)
  • streaming
  • lease and configuration of direct fibre-optical connections to any location worldwide,
  • voice connections (analogue telephone units, VOIP, fax machines),
  • specialist telecom equipment required for a variety of events.

We ensure professional and rapid service.

We provide event organisers with extensive advertising options in small- and large-format outdoor advertising throughout the venue site. See Advertising Services.

In contractual partnership with a range of advertising companies, we provide design and printing services, including the following:

  • banners,
  • meshes,
  • flags,
  • stickers,
  • roll-up stands,
  • posters,
  • brochures,
  • leaflets,
  • other custom advertising materials.

We kindly invite you to read our brochure.

An important supplement to the space offered for the organization of the event is to provide an appropriate hotel and accommodation base for event participants.

Thanks to excellent relations and support from Warsaw hotels, we are able to prepare a favorable hotel offer for you. The offer includes facilities of various standards, from five-star hotels to residential apartments, ideal for longer stays.

We organize services for both organized groups and individual guests.

In co-operation with our transport and shipping partners specialising in fair and exhibition event services, we provide services in the following areas:

  • domestic and international exhibition/fair goods shipment
  • comprehensive customs services
  • exhibition/fair cargo loading/unloading to shipping specification (equipment available: 3.5 and 5 tonne forklifts, 16 and 100 tonne hoists)
  • qualified staff support for packing/unpacking goods in the stand area
  • professional storage of empty packaging, exhibition goods and stand structure materials
  • long-term goods storage between events
  • forklift and transport platform rental
  • goods insurance

Due to security and organisational limitations, all loading, unloading and transportation of goods and/or all structure assembly and disassembly on the venue site with the use of mechanical devices requiring operator assistance (hoists, cranes, forklifts, scissor lifts, handling platforms, etc.) must be handled exclusively by companies duly authorised by EXPO XXI.

We are continuously expanding our services and solutions to include:

  • event ticket sales and
  • distribution Organiser’s ticket office at EXPO XXI
  • radio station broadcasting during the event
  • mobile sound system/PA system rental
  • video recording for events (event TV services, digital cameras, streaming)
  • photography services
  • hostesses services
  • fair/exhibition/other event furnishings