25. Targi eHandlu

11kw2:41 pm25. Targi eHandlu

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What awaits you at the 25th edition of the eCommerce Fair?

160 Exhibitors – The Fair is a great opportunity to meet solution providers who are ready to support your business.
A wide range of eCommerce related services and solutions providers are available at the fair. From tools and software to logistics services, this is the place to connect with potential business partners.

34 Speeches – you can attend presentations that will provide a wealth of inspiration and practical knowledge. This is a chance to learn about the latest trends, strategies and best practices.

5000 Participants – participation in the Fair, is also an opportunity to build business relationships and networking among 5000 e-commerce enthusiasts!

In addition, the Fair showcases the latest industry solutions that can help you improve and grow your e-commerce business.
The Fair allows you to understand how the e-commerce market is developing, what the consumer trends are, and what the future holds. This is vital knowledge for strategy planning.

The eCommerce Fair is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, make business contacts, and stay up-to-date with e-commerce news!

-> Free registration: https://targiehandlu.pl/visit



11 April 2024