BAJKOWA sanah: Poezyje i nie tylko!

17majCały dzieńBAJKOWA sanah: Poezyje i nie tylko!

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sanah didn’t keep her fans waiting long after the sold-out 'FANTASTIC sanah: Poems and More!’ tour. She has just announced additional concerts in four cities. For the second time, she will perform in Zabrze, Krakow, and Warsaw, and as a bonus, in Rzeszow in the spring of 2024. Tickets are available for purchase at

Tickets are priced starting at 399 PLN (including service fees) and are available exclusively at and

This is a real treat for fans of sanah’s more lyrical side. The concerts will undoubtedly feature songs from the album 'sanah Sings Poems,’ but fans can also expect songs from her other albums. The 'Poems and More’ tour will include concerts in the most beautiful venues in Poland. The artist will perform in 14 cities in venues such as CKK Jordanki, ICE Krakow Congress Centre, the Grand Theatre named after Stanislaw Moniuszko in Poznan, and the Philharmonic named after Mieczyslaw Karlowicz in Szczecin.

BAJKOWA sanah: Poems and More is presented by RMF FM, RMF Maxx, Wirtualna Polska, 4FUN.TV, and AMS. The tour will be produced and organized by DM Agency, the agency responsible for the success of events like 'Feast Over Feasts’ and 'BANQUET with sanah.



17 May 2024