Petrol Station 2023

17majCały dzień19Petrol Station 2023

Szczegóły wydarzenia

International Fair PETROL STATION presents the current global trends in the field of technology, products and services as well as business solutions for the fuel sector and related industries. It is a place for exchanging information, knowledge and experience, establishing direct business contacts and presenting the latest solutions for the fuel, petrochemical and energy sectors, fuel stations, car washes, workshops, transport, shop and bar equipment.

We will expand the upcoming edition with the GasTechExpo zone (Gas Technique Exposition zone), to which we invite all companies related to the broadly understood gas industry (LPG, CNG, LNG, H2). The exhibition will be traditionally accompanied by the CAR WASH AREA – an exhibition of a car wash and the latest solutions for automatic and self-service car washes and washing devices.

International Fair PETROL STATION is an internationally recognized event, where you can find valuable brands of leading domestic and foreign companies. This is a unique meeting that allows entrepreneurs to develop dynamically their business.



17-19 MAY 2023




Polska Izba Paliw Płynnych

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